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Hearing in50Which is the decibel, what kind of hearing aid is good?

Hearing in50Decibels are moderately hearing loss. Which hearing aids are worn depends on the hearing needs of your daily life or work environment. Appearance can be chosen if the ear canal condition allows, both behind the ear and custom, depending on your personal preferences. The choice of moderate hearing loss is very wide, both in-ear machine and standard ear-back machine. What is the core needs of the wearer? To focus on solving this problem, choose the right hearing aid. There is no otitis media, there is no history of surgery in the ear canal, dry sputum can choose the ear machine.

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Moderate hearing loss ear cans and custom machines are fine. The specifics should be chosen according to your actual situation. If you have otitis media, it is recommended to wear the ear-back machine. If you pay more attention to the appearance, it is recommended to wear the ear machine. It is best to go to the formal national chain hearing organization center for a comprehensive inspection, and then the fitter will recommend hearing aids for you to listen to according to your specific situation. Because hearing aids are generally available5-8Years, maintenance and so on.

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Source from the China listed hearing aids factory and supplier: JINGHAO Hearing Aids.